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General Purpose "Burger Van"

This is the all rounder that offers the usual selection of prime beef burgers, premium pork sausages and thick, crispy chips. It is a staple unit of any event that has a little of everything to suit all tastes, including a wide selection of hot and cold beverages.

Filled Baguettes

For those with more refined tastes we have a selection of hot and cold fillings that are practically bursting from a foot long french baguette. The marquee stall, which is built up on site, gives a closer, more personal experience to each customer.

Roast Pork

Wait in anticipation as we slowly roast a whole hog, until we finally carve it right before you. Then enjoy delicious, juicy pork, crammed into a large floured bap.
The Roast Pork stall offers all the intimacy of the baguettes, but with a much more specific feast in the form of a freshly cooked hog that is carved on site.

Fresh Coffee

Nothing tastes better in the morning than a cup of freshly ground coffee. Mind you, nothing tastes better in the afternoon or evening either. Because of this, we have dedicated ourselves to perfecting the perfect barista style coffee that will tingle the taste-buds and awaken the senses.

Pimms & Champagne Bar

There are times when you just want to enjoy the finer things in life. To help with that we have a wonderful unit that provides a wonderful glass of champagne with strawberries, or Pimms and lemonade with diced fruit. The whole is experience is even more refined by being served from a German made, horse drawn carriage.

Sweet Nothings

Wherever you go, the child inside goes with you, and they love nothing more than to dine on the fine taste of sugary sweetness. Let the child inside escape and enjoy the wide selection of sweets, chocolate and candyfloss.